James Fadiman, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Co-founder of the Sofia Institute, co-author of Personality and Personal Growth

Profile: Well-known for his work in transpersonal psychology, James Fadiman is a co-founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University. Fadiman received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University in 1960 and later received a Master’s and Doctorate in psychology at Stanford. Over the course of his career, Fadiman served as president of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and director of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He completed research in networked computing, psychedelics, and psychological topics concerning personality and the self. A textbook published in 1976 entitled Personality and Personal Growth was one of the first academic texts in transpersonal psychology to integrate Eastern philosophical ideas into the Western notion of the self. The text was also unique in that it devoted chapters entirely to women, a highly underrepresented demographic in research even today.


  • 2012 | Personality and Personal Growth, 7th ed. (Amazon)

  • 2011 | The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys (Official | Amazon | Erowid)

  • 2001 | The Other Side of Haight: A Novel (Amazon | Erowid)

  • 1997 | Essential Sufism (Amazon | Erowid)

  • 1989 | Unlimit Your Life: Setting and Getting Goals (Amazon)

  • 1979 | Exploring Madness: Experience, Theory, and Research


  • 2000 | Shiva’s Spider

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  • 1963 | Caveat! The psychedelic experience

  • 1963 | Ipomoea purpurea: A naturally occurring psychedelic, research report #2

  • 1962 | Distortion of the body image under LSD and in schizophrenia (Master’s thesis)


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